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The power of cash indemnity benefit

One of the most important things to understand about a long-term care (LTC) insurance policy is how it will pay benefits if you initiate a claim.


Your Two Choices:


  1. Reimbursement policies reimburse you, dollar for dollar, for actual expenses incurred. You must first pay for your care expenses out-of-pocket, and then submit receipts to the insurance carrier for reimbursement. Only expenses covered by the contract will be reimbursed.

  2. Cash indemnity policies automatically send you a monthly cash benefit – regardless of your actual expenses. And you can use your benefit however you want: pay a family member for help, modify your home to make it easier to navigate or even save your benefit to use down the road.

Why choose cash indemnity?

Unlike reimbursement policies, cash indemnity contracts don’t restrict how your benefit can be used – there’s no need to submit receipts to the insurance company or wait for an expense to be approved. Once you go on claim, your benefit is yours to spend or save however you want. Plus, the cash indemnity model doesn’t limit your monthly maximum benefit to actual expenses incurred, which means you can fully leverage your policy and not leave any benefit unused.

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Let Smart Money Financial Help You:

LTC is not a product bought without the counsel of an expert.  It’s an extremely important portion of your risk management portfolio and you deserve the time and advice of a professional to review your options.  Many of you know someone that has been effected by a illness or injury where Long Term Care Insurance would be triggered, many of you are lucky to not have experienced a similar event yet; Either way, this is worth a discussion.

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