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About Us

Our Resources Are Your Formula for Success!

Smart Money Financial excels in the brokerage marketplace. Our core of insurance carriers, diverse product base, experience, and production volume give us the ability to solve your problems and the needs of your clients. Adopt us as your primary brokerage source and expand your markets to include the latest advanced sales concepts, best products, aggressive underwriting, and unequaled service.

We feature:

  • A multiple company approach

  • Access to a broad spectrum of excellent products

  • Technical expertise in estate planning, deferred compensation and business insurance markets

  • Superior skill and resources in impaired risk underwriting

  • Specialized marketing programs such as Pension Rescue Programs

  • A Term spreadsheet program to save you time and effort in shopping the Term insurance market

  • General Agent contracts, Personal Producing General Agent contract and Preferred Producer bonus program available

  • An extremely competent staff to support you administratively and allow you to focus on selling

  • The latest in computer software and hardware support

Meet The Team

New Business and Licensing Director

New Business Case Manager

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