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'Paws'-itive Additions! Add In Pet Insurance

Pets have long been companions in many American homes, but in recent years, the relationship with our four legged friends has grown!

Recent data shows over 90 Million households have a pet, and more then 80% consider them family! If you guessed that number is higher due to the pandemic, you're absolutely right! That's up from 76 Million a few years ago!

With the addition of pets, also comes the addition of possible expenses for their care. Depending on the breed and size of your pet, owners could expect to spend anywhere from $700-$1100 a year depending on breed size and services required. Luckily there are ways to manage those expenses with pet insurance!

Even better, insurance professionals can offer this product with relative ease! Link up with Smart Money Financial, and start offering Nationwide Pet Insurance via your own personal URL. Provide coverage for the whole family, not just the human ones!

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