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Rising healthcare costs and chronic illness, a threat to your clients portfolio?

Life Insurance Products That Do More

The biggest threat to your clients retirement portfolio isn't just market volatility. With more and more studies released showing that the average individual will face a chronic illness, and many will face 2 or more*, what are you suggesting to ease that threat?

Life insurance has long been used as an alternative vehicle to save for retirement, but what about creating an extra hedge against the staggering numbers that many will need more medical care in their retirement years, and it might cost more then they expect.

Conversations around long term care are important, but even if you aren't able to sell long term care products, there are life insurance products that provide your

client with valuable protection. Chronic Illness Riders are available to reimburse insureds on an indemnity basis if they are among the projected 70% who will battle chronic illness in there retirement years.

Learn more and get expert case design with Smart Money Financial.

*National Council on Aging: Healthy Aging Fact Sheet. July 2018. Page. https//

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