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Life Insurance~ Reimagined.

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Smarter agents start here.

Things we know...

No singular carrier can provide a one size fits all product for every client. 

The general population, and even some licensed agents, don't realize all that life insurance can do to create solutions to financial issues that many people are facing today.


It's no surprise, as these concepts most likely were not taught in school. 

Help your go beyond just insuring a life. We give you access to multiple carriers, and confidence in knowing you are providing expert advice to your clients. 

Why work with us?

Working with a broker is like having a second brain on hand! You don't have to do it all or know it all! 

Making more money, having a collaborative partner to  work with...these are just a few reasons to work with a broker. Check out this quick video for reasons you may consider us as your go to source!

Broker Myth Busters

It's more work. (You're already doing the work.)

 It will cost me more. (Not if you sell more.)

I can do it myself. (You could, but nobody likes to play alone on the playground.) 

Smarter processes

Customers apply completely online with reflexive questions they can fill out themselves. Saving you time and money!

Training & sales integration

"Solo-preneuer" or "Mega Agency"...

We help agencies learn new sales concepts and integrate technology to drive more sales.

personal Quote Generator

Give your producers and your referral network an easy way to promote your agency and sell more life insurance with less hassle!

Consulting & Broker Services

 Smart Money Financial offers excellent resources, 25+ carriers, multiple products, and  even stronger relationships to back you.

So what exactly is Ethos?

Check out this short video to learn more.

Our relationship...

Ethos has partnered with Smart Money Financial as a Strategic Brand Partner to help other agents integrate the Ethos technology into their Agency.

What this means for you? 

You get more support. We bring an extra layer of resources to help you sell more and work less.  

See how Auto Home Agents are using Ethos.

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